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Singh Speech & Hearing Clinic Services

Hearing Test

We offer ABR and BOA Hearing test along with other standard tests for properly assessing the degree and...

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Digital Hearing Aids

If the hearing loss is due to problems related to outer or mid ear then it can be corrected through hearing aids.

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Cochlear Implant

It is an implant that bypasses the malfunctioning inner ear and transfer sound waves directly to the ...

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Speech Therapy

People with hearing loss by birth or before they have learnt to speak require essential rehabilitation

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Singh Speech & Hearing Clinic


Singh Speech & Hearing Clinic is an integrated mix of experience and technology in the field of Hearing and Speech Impairment. Singh Speech And Hearing Clinic, established by Mrs. Singh Speech & Hearing Clinic is the most professional Hearing Care Centers in Delhi and North India. It is all about service and SSHC’s relentless pursuit towards quality and settings high standards of professionalism making SSHC stand ahead and shoulders above its competitors.

SSHC is a specialized centre for people with Hearing, speech and language disorders. Our objective is to help improve lives of people suffering from hearing and speech problems using ultra modern techniques and technology. A vast amount of experience in dealing with the speech and hearing impaired for the last 10 years has...

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09:30 - 08:30
09:30 - 08:30
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Singh Speech & Hearing Clinic is one of the reputed centres for hearing tests in Delhi. The center tests people before and after cochlear implants and also assess their need for post implant speech therapy.

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